The Clearing – Mike McCandless

During a live KCACTF review, corespondent Mike McCandless had this to say about Michael Burns Jr’s performance as the genocidal Governor, Charles Sturman in “The Clearing”-

“I hated Sturman before he started walking, And ill tell you why, he (Burns) came out and it was this physicality, a cock of the walk British attitude that radiated “I am the number one god on stage” and it WORKED!” But then, as the play went on i saw he had a vulnerable side too, and Burns was able to show me that, while being the jerk that he was. T’ward the end I found myself going, “no wait a second, stop it, i want to hate him” until I finally felt, “okay, he’s human.”



DRACULA – The Reader Quote


“Sarah Nickolaison’s performance as Lucy and Mike Burns as Harker both successfully suggest internal strength rather than being sadly vulnerable victims. Credit Scott Glasser (Director) for making that so.”


CARRIE: The Musical – Michael Castillo Quote

“Mike Burns, whom is often the resident jock, doesn’t emulate Travolta, nor does he need to because he brings a level of sincerity and sensitivity that I’ve never seen in his other works — and it delivers.”

Gordon Spencer – The Reader

“Gigi Hausman’s Carrie remains totally convincing as the meek mouse. In her eventual revenge she and Brooks perceptively make her more bewildered and frightened rather than reveling in her power. As good kids Sue and Tommy, Paloma Power and Mike Burns have believable sincerity. Several other people playing students, such as Kimberley McGreevy, Joshua Polack and Kimberlee Stone, likewise stay convincing”



Actor, Director & Voice Over

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